Shum FP

Authorpreneur.Asia (Malaysia)

Shum graduated from Scotland, UK with M.Phil in Publishing Studies, she wrote and published her book Publish It Yourself, Is Self-Publishing The Option For You based on her dissertation research on this subject.

She ventured into this because of her interest to learn more about publishing and to explore different ways to help aspiring Authors to get their book published…the non-traditional way.

Shum now offers training, coaching, production services, contract publishing and project management services to those interested in self-publishing, including individuals/aspiring authors, corporate clients and also to publishers (outsourced services).

She plans to work with authors & writers to enhance their credentials as the “author-ity” in the subject matter through publications, events, social media, elearning, virtual platforms and now moving on to web3.0 (nfts & metaverse). As authorpreneurs, authors need to look beyond the written work but to explore new platforms and eco-systems (like an entrepreneur).

 Through Authorpreneur.Asia (A division of Eventsmastery Asia Pacific), Shum will be conducting a series of talks and workshops related to publishing and infopreneuring, including “Can you write & publish your books?”; “Leaving your legacy behind”; “Why every trainer & speaker needs to publish a book” and more.

She also plans to work with corporate clients on contract publishing for in-company publication needs and small indie publishers for outsourced publishing services. Although Shum works independently, she also works with a team of experts on areas related to publishing including editorial (writers, editors), creative (designers) and production (printers, photographers) & business/technology/marketers (the publishing eco-system providers) .