Mohd Zekri Ismail

Head of Business Development, Celex Media Sdn Bhd

Mohd Zekri Ismail is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

He started his career in the corporate world with companies such as Telekom Malaysia, Deloitte Consulting and Price Waterhouse Cooper.

He has extensive experience in the HR space, covering areas such as Psychometric Profiling, Performance Management, Learning & Development and Competency Assessment.

He is certified by the British Psychological Society in Occupational Testing.

Eight years ago, he joined a start-up called Celex Media Sdn Bhd, designing human-centric tech solutions for the government and institutions.

As the Head of Business Development, his focus is now on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NFTs; all leading to Web3.

In the next 10 years, the Web3 world will radically change our shared human experience.

This change is already happening now. Welcome to the Metaverse.