Dr Yiannis Kalogerakis

CEO of JMK Anthropocentric Training

President of the Consultative Body of IUPT

When Yannis Kalogerakis was still searching for his passion as a Naval Architect/Marine Engineer, did an M.Sc. degree in Production Management & HRD, and then while in full-time employment did a Ph.D. in Applied Robotics. He has many dozens of technical papers published in international conferences regarding “Applied Robotics”.  

After 15 years in England-Scotland (studying & working) and after learning robots well, he realized that the most important thing on this planet is the Human Being. And so, he decided to become Anthropocentric (Human-centered) and abandon equations and machines. 

Dr Kalogerakis has been training companies since 1982. The first 10 years on “Hard Skills” and the last 30 years on “Soft Skills”. He is a regular keynote speaker in conferences around the world like the ECONOMIST conferences, always promoting Ethics, Sustainability, and the Anthropocentric Development of professionals. He knows how to do a job very well: to empower and inspire people, by helping them discover the positive and very powerful part of their existence, within themselves. Helps them polish it, develop it, and do amazing work with abilities they didn’t know they had. He has been doing this for over 40 years with great success, as he continues with increased passion in various countries on 4 continents. (www.jmk.gr). 

Today, Yiannis Kalogerakis is identified as one of the top trainers for: Strategic Anthropocentric Leadership Development & Strategic Anthropocentric People Development.