Dr. H. C. Azeeza Jalaludeen

Founder & Managing Director, Our SHINE GoGLOBAL Ltd, Singapore, GoGLOBAL Business School, GoGLOBAL Technologies, Dewi Wealth Accelerator  (Singapore)

About Dr.H.C. AZEEZA
From Home-maker to Visionary Thought Leader.
Hon. Doctorate in Global Entrepreneurship Ecosystem – Specialisation in Business Networking
Founder of First of its kind GoGLOBAL Accelerator from Singapore

Highly Committed – A vibrant and inspiring personality, who’s enthusiasm and positivity in life is very contagious

Effectively Multilingual in English, Mandarin, Tamil and Bahasa, Dr. Azeeza has been instrumental for many globally renowned business communities to enter / expand in Asia and establish their growth.

In the last 20 years, working with who is who of the transformation/people development industry, her efforts has been the catalyst for thousands of professionals and business leaders to align with their higher purpose, maximising their human potential. They opened up in heart, mind and will, living an expanded fulfilling life.

Dr. Azeeza, has conducted & curated more than 10,000 hours of online & offline programs impacting thousands of SMEs, trainers/coaches & Professionals across the world.

She is possibly the only Asian to have shared stages and conducted sessions on Conscious Business and Capitalism with many global dignitaries and academicians including Stanford Professors, Silicon Valley Investors, Business Leaders., and also humanitarians like Marianne Williamson, Dame Doria Cordova, etc. She has dedicated her life for the upliftment of the Business Community, to rise in consciousness, living a purpose-driven fulfilling life, added immense value to National Growth, Regional Development & Global Prosperity.

Pioneer from Asia / Singapore
2002 Transformation Industry
2003 BNI Regional Director
2011 Hybrid Business Programs
2015 Launched Money & You Program in India
2015 Conscious Capitalism

Founded –
Conscious Leadership Program
GoGLOBAL Acceleration Program

Connector to 150+ Global Conscious Influencers
Access to 100K+ business leaders

25+ years Experience in
Professional Speaking, Relationship Marketing,Fundraising, Business/ Team/ Life Alignment

Created 1200+ Online Contents
Books/ebooks, online Shows, Articles

Quality Business Connections
20+ Countries