The 1st IUPT Asia-Pacific Hybrid Conference & Exhibition 2022

28 – 29 Oct 2022, Nexus Bangsar, Malaysia

Reskilling & Upskilling for Trainers – The New Normal

Sponsors & Exhibitors – this is the platform to reconnect with potential trainers, L&D professionals –

Reach out to them here…

If you need to reach out to Trainers & L&D practitioners, this is the touch-point platform for you to reconnect…

Physical Events are back and 

Hybrid is the new normal –

You need to be SEEN!

You need touch-points with potential customers

You need to provide a platform for them to connect with you

You need a venue to show, share and promote – in a safe environment that does not cost you a bomb!

Why Sponsor/Exhibit?

We understand the pain many of us had to go through during the pandemic, especially when we were not able to reach out to our clients and to promote our products and services as normal.

This Hybrid Event will provide you with the opportunity to get back on track. 

  • We target over 1000 targeted free visitors to visit the virtual booths and over 500 paid delegates for the hybrid conference – great opportunity for you to promote your company, products & services
  • The targeted audience are quality audience  whom you need to build relationship with in order to build your business with the them – this is your chance to showcase what you have
  • For minimal investment (from booths display to speaking opportunities), you save a lot compared to traditional or other marketing cost and the savings you get is really value for money especially when added with the benefit you gains from the event
  • You can leverage on our Virtual/Hybrid platform and technology for this promotion activity – thus you DO NOT have to invest in own technology or organise own event which we know can be a hefty investment even for a pure virtual event
  • This is a very specialised and targeted group environment for a business meeting regardless if you are having physical or virtual booths to connect or reconnect with your potential & existing customers
  • We have lots of serious and fun activities some of which you can sponsor/take part in so that you can network and build trust with your potential customers for future win-win relationship
  • You can also invite your previous & existing customers to the event and RECONNECT with them, giving them value-added benefits of being your client

LIMITED BOOTH SPACES. Reserve your booth NOW or take up a Sponsorship package for MORE VALUE & EXPOSURE!

Who should sponsor/exhibit?

If you are targeting trainers & L&D professionals in general then you should consider joining us in this event as our Sponsor or Exhibitor.

Sponsors/Exhibitors Profile: 

  • Solution Providers for training, learning & development areas
  • Companies offering products & services for trainers & HR professionals
  • Organisations wishing to recruit students on training-related subjects
  • Learning experts/companies sourcing for new licensees/agents
  • Anyone desperate to showcase their latest know-hows, technologies, expertise
  • Anyone and everyone keen on networking with trainers and learning experts
  • Social Media platforms, online services providers, and more..


The Training Event for Trainers with the Training Experts!

We will have internationally-recognised keynote speakers, highly-acclaimed industry experts, new and latest training tools, technologies, skills & knowledge – a start to your upskilling & reskilling strategies!

Conference for Trainers

This is a conference for Trainers & L&D practitioners as many of us, post-pandemic, may not be aligned now with current and latest training and learning eco-system.   Getting “obsolete”? Out of touch?

It is time to reskill and upskill professionally. As a Professional Trainer, we must thrive to be at our best, regardless when it comes to sharping our skills or learning new skills. We, as trainers train others… we cannot be seen as training “irrelevant” or outdated stuff or be out of place with this fast-changing training eco-system that seems to have fast outpaced us the last 2 years. If you are a trainer, as yourself, are you now very IN or OUT?

Trainers are leaders by nature and looked upon as the experts. If you feel that you are lagging behind or lacking… this is the best opportune time to upgrade yourself professionally. How? Join us for this upcoming Trainers’ Conference.

A Hybrid-Conference for Professional Trainers with IUPT Asia-Pacific – the representative of international trainers.

The International Union of Professional Trainers, IUPT ( is an independent international civil organization with noble goals serving the humanitarian community. It is specialised in representing international trainers by uniting their efforts and taking care of their affairs.

The Union was established based on international laws and agreements and is officially registered in Britain with the number 13626306 on 7/22/2021, and its main headquarters is in the British city of Nottingham, with branches and representative offices in various countries of the world.

IUPT is proud to announce that they will be launching the IUPT Asia-Pacific centre in Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction with the 1st IUPT Asia-Pacific Professional Trainers Conference 2022 (hybrid conference & exhibition)

This 2-day Hybrid Conference is jointly organised with Human Resource Development Sdn Bhd (A division of Quest Learning Group, – a registered HRD Corp Training Provider- and supported by the International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), U.K. ( We are also getting the support and participation of various training associations from the Asia Pacific countries.

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