It is an international organization, specialized in representing international trainers by uniting their efforts and supporting their interest. The International Union of Professional Trainers has the noble goals serving the humanitarian community. The Union was established based on international laws and agreements and is officially registered in Britain with the number 13626306 on 7/22/2021, and its main headquarters is in the British city of Nottingham, and it will have branches and representative offices in various countries of the world.

The organization is based in Nottingham, United Kingdom with its secretariat in Istanbul, Turkey. Click here for more info https://iupt.org.uk.

Its First President is Anthony Tonna from U.K., and its two vice-presidents includes KC See from Malaysia and Athina Dova from Greece. The President of the Board of Trustee is Dr. Zaheer Ahmed from Pakistan.



The Centre is set up as a representative office of IUPT Head office to cover the Asia Pacific area and cater to the needs of IUPT members in the region. It seeks to reach out to international trainers and speakers in the Asia Pacific region and provides opportunities for sharing through dialogue, events, continuous professional education and governmental representations.

It is based in Kuala Lumpur. The Principal of the Centre is IUPT Vice president ; K.C. See.


To be recognized globally as the premier professional training organization, to represent, accredit and promote international trainers, and to be the reference chosen by both our members and the organizations we serve around the world


We seek to act as a unified body to advance and strengthen training standards, classify trainers and provide professional training courses to prepare and qualify trainers and organizations around the world, for the benefit of society by accrediting professional trainers in a way that meets exceeds the quality requirements of training for both local and international standards.


These universal values empower, inspire and unite all of us as IUPT Members, Credential-holders and believers of coaching worldwide.

  • Independence : We practice our activities voluntarily and are independent of any political, religious or racial activity
  • Integrity : Demonstrate personal and professional integrity in all transactions related to the union.
  • Social Responsibility : Achieving the goals of our social responsibility in contributing to the development of human development in both the countries in which we operate and at the international level.
  • Respect : Respect for those we serve either alone or in association with our partners.
  • Professionalism : We recognize that our members and their profession are the key to our success.
  • Excellence : We strive for excellence in all our activities and programs.
  • Motivation : Driving the development of professional trainers in all areas around the world, through a training and certification process that ensures high quality and compliance with regulatory and international standards.

IUPT Asia Pacific Centre – Board  

IUPT Asia Pacific Centre- Board  

IUPT International – Board  

Union Leadership

The international Union of Professional Trainers carries out the following activities:

  1. Preparing and implementing professional training programs to develop Union members’ skills and capabilities
  2. Forming specialized technical and professional committees in various training fields
  3. Issuing a bylaw to regulate the training profession, approving the status of international trainers, and defining the various names and designations of trainers
  4. Issuing a unified badge and identification card for international trainers according to training status
  5. Issuing quality certificates for training centers and institutes, training centers and trainers
  6. Issuing publications and training manuals that support and serve the trainers and the training process
  7. The issuance of an international magazine specialized in training, in several languages, and the launch of an international satellite channel specialized in training
  8. Organizing regional and international conferences and training exhibitions and encouraging participation in their counterparts

2021 Conference by IUPT in Istanbul, Turkey 

IUPT held the 2021 Conference in Turkey which was strongly supported by the Government of Turkey- and we hope Malaysian Government will also support the KUALA LUMPUR event as this would provide international exposure & recognition for Malaysia as a learning and training hub in the region

International Union of Professional Trainers (IUPT) Members represent the highest quality of professional training that comply with International Standards.


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